Super Walls Biennale

Abano Terme, Padova (IT)


Title: Meeting myself


From 6 to 16 June 2019 the cities of Padua and Abano Terme hosted the first edition of SuperWalls Bienniale Festival of Street Art, an initiative that saw the participation of Italian and French artists and which aimed at the redevelopment of the urban and suburban territory through the cultural contribution that this form of art is offering all over the world (successful cases in Europe are, for example, Rennes and Paris in France, Berlin in Germany, etc.).

The event saw the selected artists paint, each with their own style, some surfaces of buildings made available by public and / or private subjects. During the Festival there were also collateral initiatives (musical moments, meetings with artists and contests) in various points of the cities involved. The second edition of Super Walls returns to color the cities of Abano Terme, Padua and six other municipalities in the province of Padua (Albignasego, Limena, Mestrino, Tombelle di Saonara, Sarmeola di Rubano and Veggiano) from 5 to 20 June 2021. work there are 40 street artists, including 12 women involved in the spin-off WonderWalls, from five European countries and committed to elaborating the theme of rebirth on 35 surfaces made available by private and institutional realities, companies, recreational facilities, supermarkets, religious institutes, up to the University of Padua and city hospitals.


Via Vittorino da Feltre 1, Abano Terme | Padova (IT)